Ok South Florida people...

I am putting together a amateur/rookie team in the South Florida area and want to start recruiting.

A little background on me..

I'm in my late 20's and have been in the sport going on 13 years. Most of my play has been through recball/woodsball and have only been into airball for a few years mildly. I've taken a serious interest in the sport on the business side of things and I am quite determined to get involved in tournemant play on a regional level.

I am a business owner and consultant and have a very flexible schedule that allows me to get into lots of different projects (such as blacksheeppaintball.com and blacksheeptechnologies.com which will soon be offering niche paintball products, one of a kind paintball hear. unique jersey designs, custom anodizing in the South Florida market, and bunch of other stuff in the works).

What my plans are...

My foremost interest is establishing a team of rookie players that meet the following requirements..

1: At this time, looking for players 18+

2: Need people who have the time to commit to a team..this means able to practice on weekends, take trips on weekends, etc.

3: Must have some level of disposable income in order to make it to events, pay for gear, etc. There will be some level of initial corporate sponsorship, but like any other team, we must pay our dues.

4: Must have a love of this sport and exhibit excellent sportsmanship. Attitudes must be checked at the door. Above all else we play to have fun, right?

Current plans for league play:

At this time we will most likely designate ECE as our home field for play and practice. They have a pretty good turnout of local teams on Sundays so scrimages are readily available. Plus the people there are pretty accomodating and it's BYOP for team practice.

We will focus on FSPL events and local/regional field tourney's initially to get tourney experience in and some kind of league standing. During this time Black Sheep Technologies will be ramping up and corporate sponsorship will grow.

At this time Team Black Sheep has no official roster and only a handful of interested applicants. I want to get at least 10 dedicated people together so we can have a rotating roster 5 and 7 man team and not miss any events.

Long term plans...
Sky is the limit. As well as bank accounts, family responsibilities, and who knows what else. At this point Florida events are my only concern. Win those..and who knows?

What you will get out of Team Black Sheep..

I hope every team member can walk away with a sense of belonging, a smile on their face, and hopefully some nice prizes to bring home and brag about.

But ultimately this team is about playing hard, having fun, and growing stronger in the sport we all have such passion for. Everything else is a bonus.

If this at all interests you..and you meet the current requirements..please visit the following page and fill out the application. You will be contacted shortly there after to discuss your ambitions as well as our own and take it from there.


Thanks and regards..
John "slave"
Black Sheep Technologies
Black Sheep Paintball
Slave Industries


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