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    Well from all the time I have had on free hosting I never had any statistics I could pull up to see who was coming to my site, where they were going and all the other tasty details. Hey free is free.

    Now that I am paying for my bandwidth I get all that and lo and behold I found nice little image leecher (I am sure there are more). Now don't get me wrong, If the person had hosted the image I made on his own bandwidth (if I was even able to find out) I would probably not care. But common man, not asking me and just taking a large image like the title image of my


    I think not. I was gonna send him an email asking him what's up but after the email he listed bounced on me I figured, why am I trying so hard?

    I like it better now

    if this is one of you, SCREW YOU PUNK, USE YOUR OWN BANDWIDTH!

    EDIT: I just ventured onto the rest of the team's site... Wow "Dave" is by FAR the most hardcore guy I have ever met. In 2 sentences I knew I had met my match.
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