Just got this email for xbox

Dear Xbox Customer:

I am writing to provide you with information about a free power cord replacement program for Xbox.

Microsoft has chosen to replace the power cords on Xbox consoles manufactured before October 23, 2003. Our records indicate that you may own one of these consoles.

We are providing replacement power cords because component failure in a small number of consoles - fewer than 1 in 10,000 - has caused burning inside the console or melting of the power cord where it connects to the console.

Microsoft has designed the replacement power cords to protect you and your Xbox from these component failures and a potential fire hazard.

Check the manufacture date on the bottom of your console. No action is necessary if your console was manufactured on or after October 23, 2003.

If your console was manufactured before October 23, 2003, go to www.xbox.com and click on Power Cord Replacement for Xbox to get a free replacement power cord. If you are unable to access this website, please call 1-866-271-0450.

Your new cord should arrive in two to four weeks. Until you receive and install your replacement power cord, turn off your Xbox when it's not in use.

We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Robbie Bach
Senior Vice President, Home & Entertainment Division
Microsoft Corporation

Check you serial #'s ao'ers