After an extremely undesireable attempt to attain an automag I had all but given hope. I was there on the net about to buy a stupid cocker out of apathy when suddenly that familiar AIM sound arrives and a message pops up for me to see.

Who is that man? that's no man, that's an Angel. Classicmagger came to my rescue when I needed a gun fast. He was super helpful, very friendly and patient with my n00biness. I had a mag ordered in NO time... and his service was excellent, here's why.

Trust... he built the mag for me before payment even got to him and sent the gun out as soon as my money order for him arrived. He sent it via fast mail without even charging me so that I could have it fast.

I got the gun in the mail today and it is FLAWLESS. I am in love with this gun. I've already started my dual hose setup.

This was the fastest, easiest and all around most pleasing buying epxerience I have ever had. If you want a custom mag built. this is your GO TO GUY

Kevin thank you for making me a kick *** gun and getting it to me without a single problem. You are a true businessman that Tom would love too.