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Thread: Dye,Intelliframe,Or Z-Grip??

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    Exclamation Dye,Intelliframe,Or Z-Grip??

    Hey,I'm about to buy a new trigger frame for my RT PRO and i'm wondering which i should,either the DYE,Intelli,or Z??could some one tell me which would work best for my type of paintball playing style?? I mainly like to run around and shoot real fast and sum times i lay one the ground and w8 ppl out,but most the time i'm in the heat of battle!!which frame would work best for me??

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    I would say intelli and z-grip are your best two choices, the rest is up to you.
    Personally I prefer the z-grip, I find it very comfortable when shooting out of bunkers, in most posistions, morso then a regular frame would be. It takes a little getting used to to run around with it, but it feels natural after a couple minutes. The intelli is just a high quality 45 grip frame.

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    Z-Grip or Intelliframe

    Id have to vote for Z-Grip as well, but thats my own personal opinion, its just extremely comfortable in just about any position, and you get use to running with it, heck, just by carrying it around you get use to moving with it, I played and did some moving from bunker to bunker without even thinking about how I was holding the grip, though, it is overall your prefrence, if you dont like the Z-Grip, Id have to suggest the Intelliframe, its got a wonderfully short and crisp trigger pull, its basically just like a stock 'mag trigger on a 45 frame.

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    HEy thanks for your input,I just read a furom saying there gunna make an Intelli-Z-Grip which is the best of both i'm just gunna hold out untill they make that.

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