I am interested in a Emag. I just have a few questions to ask b4 I get one.

1.) how long does the bolt and spring last if u use it on Emode and Mmode? do I need to to replace it every few months(depends on how much I play).

3.) how can I tell if I have the older version of the Emag and if so is there a software upgrade for it?

3.) My local paintball store has the Vertical Feed Emag I was woundering if AGD make the side feed for the Emag and if they do how much does it costs?

4.) If I do get the Vertical Feed Emag what kind of barrel can I get for it,since it only has one cnotch. Also that does the 2 wire nubbins really do make a diff by not chopping/breaking paintballs in the paintgun?

I just wanted to know if anyone know the answers to these questions. if I do get a Emag I don't wana replace the bolt, bolt spring, and bumper every few months because I know that the part kits are expensive, but at the sametime AGD is all about quality and performace.I dry fired a Emag today and I love it. I especially like the Emode it Rocks. If Anyone owns a Emag please give me some info on it and tell me how u like it. Well if anyone can answer my questions I really appreciate it.