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Thread: TK, AGD, any warp feed modules in stock?

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    TK, AGD, any warp feed modules in stock?

    Just wondering if You have any spares laying around that I could pick up or if you know any more info on when they will be available. On a side note, my centerfeed module has threads on both sides for a ball detent, one has part of the feed neck on the inside, so the detent will not thread all the way in. Is there a reason for this? Is the ACE going to use this some how? Could that part of the feed neck be drilled out so that the detent could go in either side of the module?

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    Hey Kila,

    We are getting a batch of warp modules made now. They are almost finished, should be a couple weeks. The extra detent hole was a mistake in placement of the detent but we left it there in anticipation of putting the ACE there. As it turns out we are putting it in the bottom of the breach. You can drill it out but it's not recomended.


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    That was teh orginal plan to put the eye in there. But some things changed a bit and the moved it down to be under the module.

    You DONT want to put a full ball detent in there because it is not in the correct place for a ball detent.

    At cup I was gutting old ball detents to fill the hole up on the modules.

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