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Still gotta do all the other ones!

~ P8nt
Yeah, I know, but even at that, it's still at least two orders of magnitude more progress than I've been able to produce in more than a year.

Just as an aside, I cannot believe how tiny those little boards are.

When I first saw that pic I was like. "Wow, that's great, three wires and a capacitor. Whoopty Doo."

Then I realized that the black lump I thought was a ball of tape, was actually the board and all the connectors.

Wowzers that thing is tiny.

I wish these would have been around when I did the design work, I might have gotten away with a slightly less bulky shape on the frame.

Keep it up man, you may yet salvage 2009 as a decent year, at least for the guys involved in this deal.