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Any chance of a Super Ule Rail getting milled out for the whole gun guys?
I'd love to do that, and if I were still working the day job and had money coming in, I would, but right now, I gotta focus on paying work, and keeping it rolling, or I'm not gonna have a shop for the tools to live in.

That's just how it is. It sucks, I know, but I'm not gonna lie to you guys and tell you I'll get to them shortly, because I won't be able to.

If I can get a leg up long enough to do them without causing any trouble, and it appears in a time table not too far removed from delivery of the guns to you guys, I'll do them and send them along, but I'm not going to hold the project up waiting on them, because the wait could be very long.

I'd rather actually deliver 95% of what I promised, rather than make you guys continue to wait for perfection.

Like my old man told me when I was learning to fish, "Sometimes, you just gotta know when you cut the line and move on."

We're at that point with this project.

Better that you all get functional and beautiful markers that are somewhat heavier than advertised right now, instead of making more promises and extending the due date again (and again, and again, and again).

I've learned my lesson on this one, and now that we're within striking distance of the finish line, I'm not altering course any more than absolutely necessary.

I hope you guys will understand.

You all have been the best customers in the entirety of paintball (and I mean that literally) about this whole project, and I'd very much like for you to come out of it not feeling like the wait was totally wasted (like the Devilmag and GForce guys have).

I was shooting for perfection, but circumstances are closing in around me in such a manner that if I can finish this deal soon at 95%, I'd better do it, 'cause it may be the last window to do so that I get.