Don't buy/sell/trade/talk to this guy.

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We finalized the deal to $900 for the marker with both of us splitting paypal fees.
I'd take 1/2 now and the other 1/2 after I shippped. He was to pay shipping.

First payment was good, he sent $450 thru paypal.

I shipped the marker, overnight through fedex. 831410730998
Fully insured for $1000, boxed the xmag box in a qloader box with lots of padding.

I waited a few days and got the second $450.

He said he had some issues with the marker, I tried to resolve with him through pm. Asked him to send it to an AGD tech if he couldn't figure out what was wrong and provide the tech and I with each others information so I can talk to the tech and see what happened to the marker. After that he discontinued contact with me. He's still active in the forum and the pm's I sent have been received by him.

He still hasn't paid me for shipping, nor the paypal fees.
I've been reminding him a couple of times every fews weeks that he still owes me shipping.

Then this morning I wake up only to be greated by a paypal chargeback for the second half of the payment for the marker. PM'd him this morning asking what's going on, I'm still being ignored. Luckily for him paypals on his side. I'm probably going to get screwed out of my $450 and he gets an xmag for a steal.

Don't buy from this guy, sell to this guy, trade with this guy nor even talk to him.

This one transaction alone has taught me to never do business on internet forums again, there's to many people out there that'll just screw you over in any way they can.

To everyone else, good luck with your online sales, I'm only going to buy paintball products new or used from actual stores, if I even want to play paintball anymore. This has left me with a feeling of not even pb'ing again if these are the people I'll be playing with.