Before I got into paintball, I enjoyed looking at old firearms and would sometimes go to the range with my dad or go to the local show. Before I ever knew about AGD, I knew about the Automag. I am not talking about the AGD Automag. In the Mid 1970s, a small company came out with the first( I think it was the first) production .50 cal semi auto pistol, and named it the Automag. This was the stuff of legends...57 oz. of stainless steel, it was sucha massive weapon...if I was to compare it to all other pistols being cars, it would be a was so powerful, it was used mostly for metallic silhouette shooting. I got the pleasure to see one of these weapons at a local firearm shop and it was a thing of beauty...lemme see if I can dig up an old picture of it...

Interesting history lesson...this is how I came to my knowledge of the AGD...I was looking in an old paintball magazine...then I saw the name Automag, and though "thats gotta be a good gun!" Then a few years later, my friends get me interested in paintballing...and it seems natural that I remember that name....Automag...then I get on this forum, and the rest is history.

Tom...did this design in any way inspire you? If you look at the picture, the basic design is almost identical to the Automag paintball gun.

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