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    BKO HPR Help

    Ok I will start from the beginning. I was out playing yesterday with my 04 bko. Still has the stock reg. She shot great all day. Consistand, fast, you know how its supposed to. I brought it home and my friend wanted to shoot it. I still had some air and paint so of course I let him. Not really looking I screwed in my air , threw on the hopper and shot. When I shot, the balls didn't go very far. I thougt the hpr was turned to far down so I went to adjust it. When I got somewhere with a light I almost crapped myself. The hpr was doing nothing. The input pressure was 850 psi directly fromthe tank. Luckly the lpr was turned low enough that I didn't blow anything. Quickly I relieved the pressure and went home to take her apart. When I got home I completely took apart and cleaned the reg. Then I put it back together and still she shot right up to 850. Then I remembered that I forgot to lube the reg. I really don't thing that matters that much though.

    How do I fix my reg? What type of lube do I use on it? Do I just need a new reg? Please help me.

    I just followed the reg troubleshoot guide in the book and it didn't work. Still 850 psi in the gun.

    How many pieces is the reg supposed to break down into. It comes in half. Is that the only place.

    Of course this makes me want a new reg. Does anybody have experience with palmer's fattys. I really want a palmer reg.

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    Now that youve lit up that bunker, your going to have to lean against it... im in ohio
    Well, which way is your set screw in the side at? It should be all the way out for no pressure. They are backwards from some regs. Other than that no clue, you may have blown up your gauge though since you put such high pressure in it... i dont know....
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    Well. It was being gay. I tried everything. And yes I tried it both with the screw in and out. I think I'm just going to buy a fatty.

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    its the same reg as with a freestyle, right? take it apart and look at all the parts to make sure theyre not broken/missing. check especially the brass cup seal (and spring) and the seat it seals against, if either are damaged/missing that would cause the air to bypass the reg. lube everyting up, superlube, slick honey and dow33 are good, i think most oils/lubes should be fine. screw out the adjustment screw on the bottom most of the way, and air it up. the pressure should be fairly low, if its not the problem could be the gauge, test out a friends reg if you can to see if it is.

    as ojhspyro said, there are two ports and with some regs one is for the input and the other is for a guage. from what i can remember from the last time i took apart my reg both are inputs, although im not positive.

    my ICD reg worked fine reliability wise, but i still replaced it because its not designed all that well and has horrible recharge. I bought a sidewinder from Destructive Customs, and i would definately recomend a sidewinder. it has a much better recharge rate, is consistant, and from what i can tell so far reliable.
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    I checked and all the seals are fine. I cleaned some gunk out of the reg. The brass seal was stuck in place. I then put it all back together and she still didn't work. And I don't know what you mean about two inputs. There is only one female on the BKO reg and it is where the macro goes in.

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