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Thread: My RT Classic Project, before and after

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    My RT Classic Project, before and after

    Thought I'd throw up my latest project. This started life as a classic RT powefeed left. Here's the specs now:
    RT valve with lvl 10
    Luke cut down body with a vert feed mod
    Luke cut ULE milled rail shortened and detailed (yes, its still gas through!)
    Intelliframe with Rouge Viper trigger
    Luke Sear mod
    Rouge 15 degree ASA
    CP foregrip
    AIM clamping feed neck
    CP flame drop
    Duck bill
    32 degrees carbon fiber barrel (yes, its an oldy, but suprisingly accurate!)

    Gun weighs in at 3.5 pounds with the barrel, 3 without it. I plan on getting a ULT mod as soon as I can afford it. The paint job is 3 coats auto primer, 3 coats red flake model paint, 3 coats gloss topcoat and a Dupont teflon wax job. Here's the pics!


    And After:

    I made the decal myself using MS Photodraw and decal paper. If you don't get it, my name is Otto. Pretty sweet huh?!

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