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Thread: How to tell AGD pump from Cerberus?

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    How to tell AGD pump from Cerberus?

    How do you tell the difference?

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    These are the things I look for. Not necessarily right.

    1) delrin pump handle. (but cerberis did this as well)
    2) Mounting parts anodized black (cerberus stuff was raw.)
    3) Some Agd kits are labeled Blem no warrenty. Dead giveaway its agd.
    4) Cerberous often added extra holes to lighten the pumphandle. AGD handles will only have what is nessesary.

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    Best give away that you have an AGD kit - your hands dont get cut.

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    Hmm.. well I do have a delrin handle, but there does seem to be some extra holes drilled front to back. The base parts are unanodized. It works flawlessly though, and my hands don't get cut up.

    I thought it was a Cerberus kit to start, but then when I looked over the AGD .pdf that's on the net about the pump kit, everything was spot on identical. And, you know, it actually works very well. So that got me thinking...

    But I guess it's a Cerberus kit because of the unanodized parts and the fact that the delrin handle has some extra "ule" holes. I plan on anodizing the aluminum parts though, so I guess I just got lucky.

    Thanks for the info guys!

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