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Thread: When should i buy an E-mag???

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    Question When should i buy an E-mag???

    Hey I have almost gotten my RT PRO tricked out,I just need about 300 more dollars.And i decided after i trick that out and get it powder coated that i'm gunna get an e-mag(just for grins and giggles) and now all these things are goin on around to make the e-mag better.Mainly what i'm asking is WHEN and WHAT type of e-mag should i get when i can afford it??

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    Wait until the emag extreme comes out in the us, i dont know when that will be. But tom said that the msrp will be around 13 or 1400 i think.
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    Emag Xtreem's are going to be amazing. I would save your money for one of these beasts. You will love it and get your money's worth, I gaurentee it.
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    You won't get your money back from tricking out that RT, so just keep it stock (you won't improve it much anyways) and sell it when you are ready to buy an E-mag.

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