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Thread: Any one read books by Fritz Lieber?

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    Any one read books by Fritz Lieber?

    If any of you have noticed, I like to name my guns. The two that I own by Jerry Dobbins is Scalpel and Cats Claw, named after the Rapier and Dagger of Grey Mouser from the Fritz Lieber series of books featuring Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

    Has anyone else read these? I dont get to read nearly as often as I like, but I have read over half of the series I think and love them.

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    I own and have read Ill Met In Lankmar (sp?) and wasn't too impressed.

    I'm kinda picky about my fantasy/sci fi authors. I've read Feist too, as was dissapointed.

    I'll stick with my Eddings

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