Okay, I am designing a woodsball marker that uses the excellent line of AGD products. I have been posting on PBnation about this concept marker, and I am going to post it here as well for your input. Specials thanks to the people on PBnation that have helped me thus far.

The reason behind this marker is simple: The Spec Ops Longbow, and soon to be "Black Cell" line of products disappoint me. There are dozens of reasons why the Longbow system is foolish, but its saving grace is the ADG marker that fuels it.

What is strage is that they use a TAC ONE as its base tho? Why not a Custom ULE, or even a hopped up Pro Classic? The Longbow makes NO use of the TAC ONE's picatinny rails, or most of its fast firing upgrades. It is simply overkill, and the price reflects it.

The purpose of my AGD marker concept marker is simple: To beat the Longbow at its own game. Better erganomics, balance, feel and most importantly... price!

In order to finally create this marker, Ill need a little help from you, the experts. The good news is that I got plently of nice pictures ot check out, and also I will be constructing the final approved design. That way, you can actually see the fruits of the labor put into its design.

I would like to thanks everyone who takes the times to help me design this marker. Half of the reason why I choose AGD is the fact that there is such a support base associated with the brand name, and for that I am very gratefull.


Okay, here is the basic design, and I will follow each picture with a few questions or curiosities I may have...

There are two options. One is to create a marker that allows the instalation of the Spec Ops air-thru Longbow stock...

and the other option is to create the stock from scratch, either by bending aluminium...

or C and Cing the stock peice...

So, I am curious as to which is going to end up being cheaper. The longbow stock is pricey, but less work in the long run.

Also, I am curious how to drill the stock, or aluminum, into the grip of the marker, and even the frame rail. On Pro Classic frame there are already holes in the rear, if one decides to mount their asa from the rear of the marker. Can a similar modification be made on an RT rail? I know there are not holes there already, but is this possible if one made the holes themselves? If this was possible, I could mount the stock into the frame as well, making it much more durable and steady.

Also, I am probably going to use a warp feed. This will lower the overall profile, and be somethig that can directly compete with the Qloader. The marker could end up looking something like this (is the Spec Ops stock is used...)

That is with a vert feed. I might opt to go warp feed, and not use the picatinny riser block. I am also not sure about that either.

So, as you can tell, I got alot of questions. Thanks for your patience, and for your help.