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Thread: New Paintball 4 wheeler

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    Talking New Paintball 4 wheeler

    I found this surfing around tonight. Not sure if it is real or not. LOL...

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    Tippmann Hell Hound webpage

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    It's very, very real. It shows up to large tourney's and scenario games on occasion.


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    New it is not. Cool it is. The Hellhound has been out for a while, just not able to purchase...for obvious reasons.
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    yeah its been around for approx. 2 years, the gatlin gun really shoots too... that thing is awesome, considering the trigger mechinism is a dewalt drill, wish i could convert mine, hehe. also there is only 1 (that i know of) and Ice Cool is right, its not for sale. I do know it has a 3 speed tranny (h/l & rev.) independent suspension, 12/13 hp eng., and retails (buggy alone) for approx. 5-6000.00, for that amount you could buy a Hyundai..........hehehe ! The business beside ours actually sells the buggy and on occaision we get to test drive them, its made by a company called Manco.

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    50 rnds a second JESUS. I don't want to be anywhere downrange when that thing starts firing.
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    Yeah, I saw it at the 99 Masters.

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    everyone posted before i got a chance, oh well im gonna use it anyways
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