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Thread: How are impulses compared to shockers????

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    How are impulses compared to shockers????

    Hey guys I've really been wanting to know what the performace difference is between a shocker and its little sibling the impy. I know the ROF is probly the same, a shocker is much bigger, but does the impulse have the legendary accuracy of a shocker?? How are they machanically different? Please clue me in.
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    Believe it or not, the Shocker is more accurate than the Impulse, if you are using the right paint setup.

    The Impulse is lighter, but it does not have the ROF of the shocker.
    The Impulse has some kick, according to some people, that is why they suggest the Delrin bolt.

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    The new 2k1 Shockers weigh just about as much as an Impulse.


    - Open bolt - has a little blow back
    - Higher ROF (maybe around 16 BPS or so)
    - Easier to take care of
    - Smaller than a Shocker
    - Cheaper
    - A little more kick than a Shocker
    - Not a gas hog
    - Very consistent


    - Limited ROF (capped at 11.75 BPS)
    - Closed bolt, no blow back - no ball bobble.
    - Bigger than an Impulse
    - Harder to take care of (but not that hard at all)
    - GAS HOGS!!!
    - Barely any kick
    - Awesome consistency

    Both guns will have good accuracy with a good paint-to-barrel match.

    I'm probably missing a few things, but I don't feel like thinking...its like...late at night...

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    Go for the Shocker.

    We got 3 shockers and 3 Imps at our local field. 3 shockers work everytime out no questions asked. ALL 3 Imps ARE BROKEN DOWN. 2 have had problems the entire time since bought 6 months ago new, 1 just broke down 2 weeks ago and needs new solenoids, it was bought about 1 monthe b4 new.
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    Off topic... slightly...

    Not aimed at anybody in particular...

    If range determined by velocity, gravity and angle of departure...

    And momentum is defined as mass time velocity...

    how can a gun have more range than another?

    where in these equations does the "shocker" or "autococker" factor in?

    Answer, it cant...and it doesnt...

    Stop listening to smart part lies. Goes against physics.

    Paintball has gotten to the point that if a company says somthing anybody will belive it. Eventhough, its made up physics, and faulty logic, and blatant lies. This phenomenon has been further reinforced by message board lemmings who continue to insist that thier gun has antigravity properties.

    Back on topic... If i were to choose I would buy the impy cause its smaller, lighter, and more efficent.

    p.s. did you know that 23.4 percent of statistics are made up?
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    i changed my mind...

    43.847763947743 percent of statistics are made up...

    get my point...

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    How timely, my next Tech Tip is going to be on statistics.


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    jeez Tom are you nocturnal?

    stay up this late normally?

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    it's not that late Central time. I would probably go for the impy and just buy a couple wormz mods. The shockers look nice but a little too bricklike. An Eclipse shocker would be nice. I know performance wise they are great gun. The pull and the stock impy is supposed to be kind of bad.

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    I see the Impulse as more of a front players gun and the Shocker a back player's gun. Though the Impulse is very very consistant, the Shocker will still be more accurate. Not to mension the size of the Shocker...

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    Pic of the new Shockers...most of you have probably seen this...

    They really aren't that big any more. Believe me, the shoebox look is gone.


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    i dont know much about either gun, all i can prob. say is that shcokers would prob. have a little better performance besides the fact that some imps have an ACE on them

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    The Shocker is still freaking large. It's not as tall as before but all that tallness has gone straight to it's ***. It's longer in the back now.

    But it's a great gun though, very accruate, consistant and not very expensive. Depending on what upgrades you have, the Shocker may be more accurate than the Impulse. But it's still a gas hog...

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    its not longer the body hasnt changed at all except for being milled dowm ALOT
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    Yes there is range in paintball, yes there is a difference between guns in range. Yes, 2 paintballs fired exactly the same will go exactly as far, but they are never hit exactly the same. The same gun will never hit a paintball the same twice in a row. And it's a paintball, A round ball isn't the best projectile. So, instead of gettting pissed off that people talk about range, just ignore it, because you are wrong too.
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    i'm sorry but that's what i call the BFG of paintball. but if i were to choose between the two i would get one of those demonic impies, those things are damn sweet. ofcourse they're twice the price of a stock impy, but what's money anyways?
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