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    Alright, i'd really like to get a warp by christmas. i just want to make sure that it would be right for me. so i have a few questions about it. I'm a forward, like to bunker and run fast, is this going to weigh me down? is it good for a front player in general? if anyone can tell me what they think about it, it would help me greatly. Thanks
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    i just want to make sure that it would be right for me.
    There's not a person in the world that can answer that, except you. You'll just have to try it and see. Some love it, some hate it. Very few are in the middle.

    is this going to weigh me down?
    It adds about a pound to your set-up. It will change the balance of your gun. Less top heavy, but it wants to lean to the left.

    A warp feed takes some getting used to. If you get one, give it a good try. Try to adapt. I like mine

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    trust me i know that only I can decide if it's right for me, however, getting feedback from people who use them will help me make a better decision in whether or not to get one. obviously i'm the only one that knows what's good for me. that's a given. the question is what do others think about it.

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    Try it for a few days of play... Once you have it on for a while, you'll love it!
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    To fix the balance problem - get an adjustable cradle and set your tank to the right and keep adjusting it little by little until they have close to the same balance.
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    I have a warp and I love it.

    The weight thing doesn't bother me at all, and the overall compactness of the marker is perfect.

    I actually think that it takes less work to raise the marker from barrel pointing down to horizontal. Because there isn't a full hopper hanging inches above the marker to pull up. (I'm thinking about doing this as a physics project)

    It took a little while for me to get used to shooting out of the left side of bunkers, because you tip it instead of switching hands. But as I remember, it also took me a while to learn to shoot left handed, so the learning curve is about the same. (I was also never any good at shooting out of the left, and now I am)

    It's hard to describe everything I like about it but heres a basic list.

    1. No hopper hits
    2. Lower center of gravity
    3. Shorter intellifeed wire (if you have one)
    4. Harder for people to spot you peeking over a bunker
    5. Insanely fast feed rate
    6. Larger surface area to put stickers

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask here or PM me. But basically, I don't think I'll ever shoot non warp again.
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    Although it's mainly personal preference, I think that a Warp Feed will work good for you. If you play front the warp will keep you hopper down(beside your gun) and help with snap shooting.

    If you set it up right then you shouldn't notice a change in balance except your gun is nolonger topheavy.

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    It is a matter of preference indeed, I play front, and I can't imagine playing without my warp anymore!!! What I love is I can surprise everyone by poping up topside!!! Warpfeed has definitely helped my game!!!
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    thanks a lot guys, you have been very helpful

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