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    Kyle...dont use caps, the mods will beat u for it, and also no mags do not require alot of care, again you totally disregard what your brother says and dont believe a word he says.....cockers require maitenance and care, you can shoot a mag all stock and it will work fine, especially the TKO you are getting, it comes with some upgrades already...and you know what else would be great, if TK could also agree with me on this one, so maybe he will respect some of what i say...if the creator of the mag says im right maybe i will be believed to, do me a favor tom and help me silence the annoying little brother

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    Don't believe me I have a vested interest. Ask anyone on this forum.


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    Believe him Kid...Your Brother is right. Mags are great.
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    Originally posted by ThePatriot
    cockers require maitenance and care
    If you had a stock autococker and a stock mag owned by the same person, and that person never tinkered with either gun they would require the same ammount of maintenence and care.
    2k1 Lockout Edition acid wash free flow cocker.
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