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Thread: Automag + CO2?

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    Automag + CO2?

    Ok, I'm in the field to buy an automag and all my friend will say is that it is terrible with CO2. I'm not a tourney player or anything and I was just wondering if it is really terrible without nitro and with CO2...

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    It works ok with co2 but it works even better with nitro... Just make sure you have an x-chamber and a remote to keep co2 from freezing your valve... or you can get an x-chamber and anit siphon for your tank. Just make sure to NOT mount the tank vertical with an anti-siphon...

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    Well all that stuff for the CO2 tank would cost as much as a nitro tank which I'm buying used...


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    There you go, you just answered your own question!!!! And yes, for the money it takes to get all the stuff to keep liquid out of your mag, you can buy a very decent air system, and never worry about it!!!
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    Yep...lets see....
    Palmer Stabilizer = $100 (nickel)
    Anti-Siphon 20oz = $26 (about)
    NW Drop Foward With On/Off w/ Black Magic "no leak" cup seal = $52.00(chrome)
    Inline Air Filter = $10 (with extra sponges)

    unless of course C02 is only available thing of course then i guess yah gotta do that. About 190 bux there you can getta 45 - 68 Cu 4500 psi PE or Crossfire for bout that much heh...have left over for fittings too.

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