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Thread: Tech Tip #5 Statistics Without Math

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    Hmmm...that was an excellent lesson in standard deviation. Good job, and thanks for that really simple method.

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    Excelent tech tip,

    Now what I would like to see is some experimental data. Say we are looking for a setup that has the closest grouping... set up an experiment that tests this.


    To find which setup has the best grouping. Best being defined as tightest possible grouping, or smallest standard deviation.

    Bench Mount an Automag in a shooting vice.
    Specify Full N^2 or CO^2 containers, at the start of each trial.
    Load Fresh Paint into hopper/each trial. Record Brand.
    Take Atmospheric Readings/each trial.

    Experiment with different barells, using approx 25 shot groupings. Record Results.

    Experiment with different bolts, using approx 25 shot groupings. Record Results.

    Test Results with different brands of paint with different barells.

    Test results with different atmospheric readings.

    Experiment with diferent rates of fire with above variables.

    Record all observations.

    Now im sure that AGD did some of these kind of experiments while designing the automag in the first place... but to the best of my understanding, the results of this data have never been published. Well it could be something for me 2 do in my "Spare" time. Then again, barell-to-paint match is the most important thing with accuracy, and field paint changes with each particular field. Thus making the data somewhat useless. However it would be nice 2 know what barel / size to use for what paint experimentally.

    But Hey thats my $0.02, and I will see you on the field... if I ever pass Chemistry. ;o)


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