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Thread: leak out of the side

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    leak out of the side

    i have an xvalve lvl 10 with a ult on/off. leak is coming from the little hole on the left side (with bolt facing away). thoughts?
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    i'm trying to get this out to my buyer tomorrow if possible so let me know. he said he can tech it but i prefer to send it 100% good. thanks!

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    Dirt on the reg pin.

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    are the o-rings on the regulator pin assembly toast?

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    Like they said, the reg pin. Take it out and clean it and the safe it is in. Then oil it and run some through the gun as well. If it still leaks try cleaning it again and oiling again. If it still leaks one of the orings is probably bad.

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    yeah, bad oring. on the assembly. thanks guys.

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