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Thread: Good News and Bad

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    Good News and Bad

    Central wahington University. I just got the acceptance letter after about two weeks. The bad news is on the housing contract it said no firearms, dangerous chemicals, exp[losives ect ect.Then it said (paint guns). That sucks. I dont think ill be going there.Hopefully oregon state or u of oregon will let markers on school property.KInd of <B>goofy</B> cause my dad was laughing and said when he was in college he had his rifle in his dorm room. If either of those schools do allow let me know

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    I don't think any school allow pb guns anymore...

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    make friends with a commuter who plays paintball. then leave it at his house.

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    I may be able to shed some light on this, I work for George Mason Uiversity Housing Dept.

    Almost all Campus have policies dealing with paintball guns, I would be very surprised it you did find a campus that did allow then...

    It all boils down to one person ruined it for everyone. Most campuses have had an incedent dealing with paintball guns.

    You could try that deal with your RA but most times, it won't work. And if you are caught, because it was in the handbook, it doesn't matter what the RA says. You would most likely be kicked off campus and told not to come back, Universities consider this a serious offense...

    Best bet it to find a friend that lives near campus and keep it there.

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    i heard an idea somewhere, it was to take apart your marker(especially if you have a mag) and put the valve in one place, body in another, grip frame in another, barrel in another and so on(or in one place dissassembled). when it is dissembled no paintball hating people will be able to tell it is a paintball gun and technically it isnt(its just parts remember) and it will not operate inless put together. Its probably a bad idea but its better thatn nothing.
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    I'm not supposed to have paintball guns either, I keep mine on a shelf in my room. It's not in sight outside of the room, and the RA never comes in, so it hasn't been a problem. And I don't think it will. If you just hide it somewhere, you should be fine.

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    helpful hint:

    Im am active duty airforce and during my young airman days of living in the dorm no "projectile weapons" were allowed. The answer posed my my first shirt was to store it in the police armory and check it out when I left to play... Valid idea but the SP's had a tendancy to play with things that were not theirs(another long story). Anyhow here comes the hint...

    I stored my stuff at the Bowling alley accross the street. Locker rental was like 4 bucks a year and the alley had an insurance policy that was included. They asked no questions I just stored my mask and bottles in a backpack and my marker in a case I had made for it.

    good stuff.

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    Originally posted by FooTemps
    I don't think any school allow pb guns anymore...
    strage... most colleges here have paintball teams and fields. VA Tech has a Black and Red team and they have their own field in which i THINK allow walk ons to play if they wanted to. UVA has a paintball club as well and i'm sure George Mason University has one as well.

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