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Thread: Color of 4500 Flatline

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    Color of 4500 Flatline

    Please cast your vote. If i have misread somewhere feel free to correct me, but it seems from what ive heard that the 4500 flatline is coming stock in a turqoise color.

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    BTW: these purple buttons look like pooh.

    Download some cool looking blue buttons

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    I don't think it should be only black... I think there should be a small selection but I know Tom is making those already so nm...

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    Im not saying it should ONLY be black, but when you buy a conquest you dont have to special request black! I can see the tank having several colors, thats cool, but why make it stock in turqoise?

    TOM!? where are you? i need an official answer!

    Im dying here. I am interested in this tank, but if i have to 1) wait longer for black to come out, or 2) special request a BLACK one, then count me out!

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    I think it should come stock as black, but have a few optional colors available for those who want to color match their tank reg to their gear

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    But the reg is annoed the color! It's kinda costly to buy another reg just for the color!

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    Regs are coming in pewter and black. Chrome didn't work out and ends up looking like pewter anyway.


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    /me begins to write the "selling conquest" thread.

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