I'm not sure what got me there, but I stumbled into GoogleGroups rec.sport.paintball area. Recalling how it used to be, I typed my nickname into the search field. I'm not sure what the "history" range is, but I got over 800 results dating back to the mid-90's. Wow, talk about some history there.

Reading the posts brought back to mind many of the big events I attended in those days. I really did do some traveling. It is a shame, I think there are more events out there now, but I have much less time. I need my son to get old enough to play so I have an excuse to haul him to this stuff.

The names that came back out of the haze were many as well. The good and the bad (in no order): Tyger, Hollywood, AzHoser, Gatrotags, Foothills Unabomber (FuNa), Sabre, Mike Smith, Kennedy How, SeeK, Mr44, Mav, The Henry's, etc. I guess the industry was smaller then, it seems I was on a very good basis w/ many of the bigger names: Tom Kaye, Glenn Palmer, Collin Thompson, Dawn & Bill Mills. Why have I let the relationships fade? OK, that was maudlin.

Anyway, who around here now recalls those days? Anyone? Am I that old?