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Thread: Insanity Test

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    Insanity Test

    its not something that i grasp, its something that i fake, as i'm falling through the cracks

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    Pshaw, i don't need a test to tell me that i'm insane. Woo. . . . hehe. . . . haha.....hoha......heheheh. . . . . .har har har!

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    shartley Guest
    And this is the what.. THIRD time this has been posted?

    I still find it funny though... and my son came running in from the living room to see what it was. Oh, HE failed it too.

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    Sorry didn't know it was posted..

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    shartley Guest
    No problem.. I was not upset. That is why I posted the second part.

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    i laugh at that every time....

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    i think something is wrong w/ me, i laugh before it starts
    Tough Times Wont Last Forever...
    Tough People Will ~ Darryl Kile R.I.P. 2002

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    ok that is one of the funniest things i have ever heard, i told my brother to take the test and he laughed before he even seen it, just hearing that was so funny.

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