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    ok im not sure what ive bought from here in the past but, if anyone recognises me please feel free to post feedback, i'll be pointing my recent buyers/sellers in this direction. thanks in advance.

    here a link to me ebay feedback
    and heres my paypal varification

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    M. Don is a very good buyer , payed very quickly , very good communication, I would highly reccomend dealing with him , he'll even pick up the cost to ship stuff to the UK

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    time to make a slurpee!

    Very Pleased....A BIG thumbs up!!

    I purchased a X Mag from M.Don. He was very accommodating. Communication was excellent. Shipped the item very fast...6 days from UK to California, very suprised! M.Don was always easy to deal with and gave me any information I asked for.

    I can Highly recommend this AO member.

    To anyone interested in dealing with M.Don, you can do so with complete confidence.

    Oh and I forgot to mention...The final cost of the X Mag was more then fair. It was a fantastic deal.

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    Black CNC Xmag

    I purchased an Xmag from M.Don. The transaction went incredibly smoothly! He communicated with me every step of the way. The shipping was fast, and the mag well packed.

    I recommend this trader to everyone on AO. He is honest, fair and a great person to deal with.

    Ty McNeer
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    M.Don purchased my Karta Emag that I built from scratch. 1st international buyer I have ever had and helped me get through trying to figure out what was what with that UK address. Have fun with the Emag. BTW I forgot to mention that the trigger on there is part of the very first batch of RRFireBlade's emag triggers (before he custom made new blade triggers).

    Thanks for your business.


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    I bought a Rt rail from him... just as described and would buy from again...... was shipped through a 3rd party that shiped it out fast

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    Matt sold me a black euro-xmag and it arrived yesterday!

    The marker is as told used, but in pretty good shape and Matt was very helpfull by selling me a warp and a free extra barrel. Communication tru mail was very swift and delivery was ok (had some problems with tracking in the netherlands but everything turned out well)

    [edit] I took the marker to the local field today, and worked flawlessly all day. The marker was shooting about 330 FPS, so the only thing i had to do was crony down a bit. I shot about 700 balls with it because i used the mechanical mode all day, but no chops even testing electronic and hybrid modes and ripping a few lines off. Great gun, i'm desperatly in love with it! [/edit]

    I would gladly do buisness with Matt again, A+!!
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    Aaaaa Oh You Know

    Thumbs up

    Matt and I did a deal on a Rare first run EuroMag. I parted out my marker and sent him the proceeds. Everything went excellent and Matt is very easy to work with. All around good guy. If you ever have the need to buy a regular or hard to find item from Matt, don't hesitate to do buisness with him. Matt follows through 100% on what he said and is very helpful.....Thanks Matt

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