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Thread: Superbolt Sleeve?

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    Superbolt Sleeve?

    ok, some guys are experiencing ball breaks, not chops. Could you make a different type of sleeve, that is like the AGD Longnose Bolt? I have one of those and dont have any breaks. Would this mean you have to make a whole new bolt, or can you just do this with the sleeve? Would you have to grind down the bolt SS?

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    The plan is to come out with all different types of sleeves. There will be foamie, hardnosed and cupped. We just finished the packaging today that has check boxes for each. The sleeves will be available by themselves if you want to switch.


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    that is really cool! oh, and if i get a xtreme superbolt (by accident or something) i can just switch sleeves right?

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    oh yeah, and Mr. Kaye, are you going to sell them in 3 or 5 packs of sleeves, and hopefully there will be some savings in money?

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