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Thread: Why you shouldn't trust Microsoft - interesting read (important XP info!)

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    Why you shouldn't trust Microsoft - interesting read (important XP info!)

    For all of you who aren't aware of the current situation with Microsoft and their latest product, Windows XP, you should check out these articles telling of the major security problem(s) with the system and how MS is doing very little to protect the people who already own XP.

    First is the news headline from

    Then an inportant warning by the NIPC:

    And finally, the Associated Press has their version of the story (about the FBI and Pentagon questioning MS about their poor XP operating system):

    Move over Windows, hello Linux!

    (This message was written on a computer powered by Red Hat! )

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    some field in NoVA with a ton of pods ready to be dumped

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    You mean people out there actually TRUST Microsoft? *Nix 'em, baby!

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    now i feel even better about the xp i have running on my comp....

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    ThePatriot Guest
    I refuse to get XP....The Wall Street Journal had an article about it how it is like a giant Trojan comes standard with file and print sharing on, which allows anyone to access any file on your computer from the internet(granted they know what they are doing) and it allows microsoft to import any info they want into your computer at any time you are online....what if a hacker learned how to do this, wam they could import anything they want directly to ur comp and you would think it was Microsoft..

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    Here is a good one, our DSL provider keeps shutting off our service because "one of your computers is trying to hack into a bank in Russia" I laughed, but now I'm not so sure...


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    Arman/XPM Guest
    Hello all,
    I have XP -

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    It's kinda sad how MS sees making $$$ as a higher priority than making a decent product.

    *cough* Brass Eagle *cough*

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    It's kinda sad how MS sees making $$$ as a higher priority than making a decent product.
    Its kind of sad that the american people are stupid enough to buy bad products.

    we have NO ONE but ourselves to blame when a company like microsoft can make a profit turning out crappy product after crappy product.

    you dont like it, dont buy it. then microsoft will change its ways or turn into the next ford.

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    ThePatriot Guest
    If we ever did try blaming bill gates for something, considering he owns the FBI and this whole country, some men would show up at your door and you would never be seen again....

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    Who cares about xp...i use 2000...

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    Originally posted by FooTemps
    Who cares about xp...i use 2000...
    When I'm forced to use some kind of MS operating system, I use 2000 as well, but I'd rather be using my partition of Red Hat 100000 times more.

    Miscue would understand.......powered by FreeBSD!

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    ThePatriot Guest
    I still have 98, works fine, no problems....except those few thousand viruses i had, taught me a lesson, never turn off your nortons anti virus, very bad idea..

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    I used to have '98, but I got so sick of the stupid "Kernel32.dll" error that I just about threw my computer out of my bedroom window....

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    That's what i been getting to, stupid microsoft

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