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Thread: December 21-22, Official late night thread

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    ThePatriot Guest
    I think im gonna do some d2 in search of items of rarity, PEACE OUT MY JIGGAS

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    Carmel, NY
    2:50 No Diablo poo. This is cool the house is all quiet and stuff.

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    ThePatriot Guest
    Diablo gets boring fast..

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    yeah, after a while i get really bored of it...

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    Tunaman, K-villeplayer, Magman007, Mastersconi, Jon/xpm, Kenndogg

    My feedback if you've dealt with me, leave some...

    Fruitcat: it's what AO doesn't like.

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    Originally posted by Turbo
    Yay 2 whole weeks of daytime TV. Instead of watching daytime TV I will stay up at night and sleep during the day, what is the term for these people again? Ah who cares I am bored. All the good TV is on after night.
    LOL, I do that everynight...but after 3 a.m. nothing but infomercials come on


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    Originally posted by udtseal
    After that lats post from MajorDamage, I think we can call him "Legally Insane" ! LOL!! That was hilarious major, you nut!
    Thanx , I like fun...its fun.


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    shartley Guest
    hmmmmm Interesting... well, not really. But I might as well add to it all...

    Quiet at the Hartley House... Samurai Cowboy playing on the Big Screen, Wife upstairs finishing wrapping a few more presents (I did most of them this past week), fire burning in the fireplace and two oil lamps lit for ambience...

    I think I might crank up the stereo when the movie is done.. who knows. Might play some cards.. we will see. Got some baking to do tomorrow for the neighbors, think we will make some sweet breads.. sounds like a plan.

    The kids are all doing the Christmas countdown (about 5000 times a day)... but I don't mind.

    Teriyaki Chicken Breasts and Hotwings in the oven for dinner... woo hoo, hot night tonight!

    Getting things ready for our big party on the 29th (pre-New Years), going to have quite a full house. Party safely.... Don't Drink And Drive! No party is SO good that you risk getting killed (or killing anyone else) making it your LAST party ever.

    Well, got to go give my Wife a hand. Check back later....

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