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Thread: Southern California Stores

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    Southern California Stores

    Im looking for a retail store in southern california that sells AGD products. The only stors I know of are owned in some way by WGP, and that means the closest AGD thing there is a cocker with converted warp feed (poor warp). So any help would be appreciated. I just need a name an an address or phone number. Thanks.
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    i have never seen a store in socal that carries agd products except like a parts kit
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    Hey Skirmish on reseda carries a few agd markers. They don't have a E-mag. they carry the RT PRO and Down. They are on Reseda and Valerio. Check out that is their website.

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    5,780 is Dittos Police and Paintball supply, and is an AGD rep store. They are located in Redlands.

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