We are officially announcing that the Jax Warriors will be sponsored by Worr Game Products next year and will be shooting Cockers. AGD will continue to be a supporting sponsor of their air systems with the 4500 Flatline.

This change came about after an in depth discussion with Jax captain and long time friend Paul Bollenbach. It was obvious that since Jax had gone pro they needed a much higher level of sponsorship than we could give them. I personally setup the meeting between Paul, Budd and myself to pitch Budd on the benefits of sponsoring the Warriors. WGP does not actually have any pro teams that it directly owns through sponsorship of it's existing product line.

We have had a very happy long term relationship with the Warriors and will continue to do so as a sponsor of their non gun products. Please do not blame the Warriors or Paul for the change, there are certain long term strategies that Paul is looking at that I fully support. The Pro circuit is a tough place to try and survive with a limited budget. We look forward to a winning season for Paul and Jax.

Tom Kaye