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Thread: Officail Announcement about Jax Warriors

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    Officail Announcement about Jax Warriors


    We are officially announcing that the Jax Warriors will be sponsored by Worr Game Products next year and will be shooting Cockers. AGD will continue to be a supporting sponsor of their air systems with the 4500 Flatline.

    This change came about after an in depth discussion with Jax captain and long time friend Paul Bollenbach. It was obvious that since Jax had gone pro they needed a much higher level of sponsorship than we could give them. I personally setup the meeting between Paul, Budd and myself to pitch Budd on the benefits of sponsoring the Warriors. WGP does not actually have any pro teams that it directly owns through sponsorship of it's existing product line.

    We have had a very happy long term relationship with the Warriors and will continue to do so as a sponsor of their non gun products. Please do not blame the Warriors or Paul for the change, there are certain long term strategies that Paul is looking at that I fully support. The Pro circuit is a tough place to try and survive with a limited budget. We look forward to a winning season for Paul and Jax.

    Tom Kaye


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    Will AGD be opening up any levels of sponsorship to other teams, partucullary rookie?

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    What level of sponsorship did jax warriors require from you?
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    Rookie sponsorship, haha you can't be serious? You might be lucky to get something when you're a nov!

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    On a note, most Pro teams get PAID to do tourniments, for those of you that didn't know. I find it very interesting actually. Paid vacations basically to go and do what you love. For a sponsor to be able to pay for all that, they have to have a lot of money to put out, which since AGD was focusing on military for a while, I'm guessing that they dont have the funding paintball wise to put out that for a team.

    As a tip, if you want a pretzel, dont go into the middle of a crowd and ask "anyone got a pretzel?". Go to the pretzel store, if you want a pretzel. (If you want sponsorship, email AGD and other companies with all your info, its always worth a shot, just asking 'will you sponsor my team' isn't getting you much of anywhere..)
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    ahem....::clears throat:: for this lil tune i would like to make it clear that i hold the views of Johnny Quest, and belive that the Jax Warriors would be Less Than Jake....

    Johnny Quest thinks were sell outs, sell outs
    Johnny quest thinks were sellin out sellin out yeah
    Johnny yeah yeah yeah....

    thank you
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    It sounds like a good financial move for Jax. I understand the "hard feelings" some AO members might have about this, but please try to remember that *friendship* does not pay the bills.

    At some point when you become a professional, you are hit with the fact that friendships can often hold you back if you let them be the determining factor for *business* decisions. That does not mean you can not still *have* the friends, but they are not the determining factors in your decision making process (as it seems to be the case, as a rule, in the Paintball Industry).

    It is also very easy to say "What a bunch of sellouts! They left AGD for the money!"... when only *half* of that would be close to being true (and I say close because I would be willing to bet that, as with many things, there is still more to the story). You could also say this.. "AGD could not afford to keep them." , and say it with just as much anger. Reality can hurt sometimes if you are not prepared to deal with it.

    This is the way the rest of the world runs. Everyone wants the Paintball Industry to advance into the levels of all other Sports, and Industries... well, this is one part of it. And there will also be teams in the future that will be sponsored by businesses *outside* the paintball industry who will use a *mix* of Markers and Equipment, and will have the *top* team on the circuit.

    This will advance Paintball. The Jax Warriors are not *evil* or *sellouts*, they simply made a move that they felt was better for them. I hope that people keep all things in mind when dealing with them, and treat them kindly. I am sure this was not an easy thing to do, but evidently *had* to be.

    Hold on... here is your *no conditions* endorsement... I endorse the decision of the Jax Warriors from a business standpoint.

    With that said, I can still understand how everyone feels.

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    out of curiousity, since some pro teams DO carry different markers, and the Warriors are one heck of an AWESOME team, is there ever a chance that AGD would sometime in the future be able to offer more sponsorship help, and in turn the warriors use AGD products if they choose? just a thought, since Shock does it. and think of it this way, no offense or anything to Bob Long, but at least they weren't stuck with intimidators and weird funky barrels. cockers are great guns, no matter how much i love my mag.
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    well it sux that they are nto gun wise sponsered by agd but at least they get an awesome tank from you guys but het what are they doing with there awesome e-mags? i want to get my hands on one?
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    i respect their decision and am glad they are still linked with AGD in some way(4500 flatlines).

    my only question is, will they still be around the forum every once in a while?

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    some people get upset about stuff like this? i had never even heard of the jax warriors before i joined this board. shows everyone how much i have kept up on the tourny scene in the last 6 years.

    my official response to the announcement:
    "ok...and how does this effect me?"

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    It's a bummer, I'd love to see a pro team shooting 'Mags, but I can clearly see what happend. Tom are you going to pick up another team? It would be nice to see some strong local teams getting sponcered.

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    I think the warp feed idea is what will take AGD to the promised land. I have read multiple times about how many warps are sold at tournaments. Even though, it may not cost as much as a gun, other companies have stayed in business selling less useful and less expensive products.

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    Unhappy :(

    I think, it would be verry helpfull for the popularity of the Mag, to have a Pro Team shooting Mags ...
    I also think, it would have great marketing effects, to sponsor a "winning" ProTeam ...

    I would love it, to see a ProTeam with mags ... ... and other people would love it to see!

    (whats about bikes: if you ride a Ducati you love to see Troy Corser winning in the highest "stock" motorcycle class ... does it matter, if they winn in the Supersports? No, no one cares ...
    Now: Ducati is verry popular for four stroke bikes; and, the other effect, they sell a lot of bikes because of this wins in the Superbike series)

    Im completle not happy with the situation that there are verry few mags (now even fewer) in the NPPL ...
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    Business is business. We change vendors at work somewhat regularly when one can provide us something another could not. It's tough, especially when you have a good relationship with a vendor and you have to cut them off. Life goes on, and you try not to burn any bridges. Never know when that "shiny new penny" you found might need replacing too!
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    Will they be using warp feed cockers?(side feed?)
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    warp feeds?

    they didn't use them on there emags at l.a. or at chicago, i was there i saw them not using them, so why in the world would they decide to use them on a gun that mechanically can't handle more than about 12 balls a second?
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    I do believe its getting hotter in here...

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    there are still some top teams w/ players that shoot agd guns, jason from farside(am a.) manny from shock(pro)
    and some more, its all good

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    les than jake is the shiznat!

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    Umm...does it matter what someone else is shooting?

    Just use the gun you shoot best with. If my team ever turns Pro (in a good 20 years =), then I'll still be using a mag. Our captain will still be using his cocker, and our front will still be using angels. Sponsorship shouldnt mean giving up your gun. In this, im a little dissapointed in Jax, but as everyone's been saying, it is just business after all.

    But this doesnt mean we need to care. They left AGD because it was better business, even Tom sees that. I wish that AGD could sponsore a pro team, and one day I wish them to sponsor mine, but that doesnt mean they can afford to. Its all business once you hit the pros, and business sucks. Thats my two randomly assorted pennies.
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    pros using mags

    john dresser from farside uses a mag and also jeff schrieber (god) from farside uses a mag, chris from shoctech team uses a schrieber rt as well.

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    Re: warp feeds?

    Originally posted by verbalkent666
    they didn't use them on there emags at l.a. or at chicago, i was there i saw them not using them, so why in the world would they decide to use them on a gun that mechanically can't handle more than about 12 balls a second?
    - yes maybe so the cocker cant shoot that fast, warp offers a lower profile and I have seen them use them in warpig so I assumed they used them

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    Can someone post a summary; on wich every ProTeam is listed together with the sponsors? Or witch player uses what marker - especially AGD markers? Im not so familiar with the NPPL teams. Or is there a websit, witch has listed some infos about the NPPL Teams.
    I want to know, because in Germany, the mag is really on a sinking ship, because the AGD-star, the EMag, isnt allowed.
    I would really love to see a winning NPPL Team using the EMag ...

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