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Thread: emag battery issue

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    emag battery issue

    i don't get it i charge it until the light goes green on the charger and as soon as i put it on the emag the screen scrambles and nothing. i put the battery back on the charger, and the light is red all over again. any ideas on what is going on????? i checked to see if the terminals were contacting anything conductive and they aren't

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    try moving the trigger magnet that activates the HES away from the HES sensor. AKA screw the central magnet in the middle of the trigger outwards (towards the barrel).

    Sometimes when it is too close the gun wont start up properly.
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    When charging the battery how long dose it take to turn green from red on a dead battery? Also if you use a volt meter what is the voltage?

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    not sure how long to charge ill check tomorrow since i dont have to work, also gotta find my voltmeter.
    it's not the gun, i already checked by putting a friends battery pack on it and his battery is fine.

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    make sure the metal prongs on the battery are pushed up enough to make a good connection, and make sure you have the black o-ring in the bottom of the battery pack. besides that check the voltage and stuff.

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    i ordered a new battery for it from tuna, i think the age of the battery has something to do with it, it's atleast five years old, but im still gonna try and figure it out. thanks for the help.

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    Im sort of going through the same thing. I put it to charge, the light turns green, i put it on my gun and it says low battery. So i put it back on the charger and the light turns red again and it take another 4 or so hours to get back to the green light and then the same thing happens.

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    NATE i did check all that stuff, and none of it seems to be the problem.
    anyone know how long those battery packs last? i know it depends on use but just a general idea would be nice.

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    Emag packs are very inconsistanty reliable. There is no 'time'.

    I've had them die in a few weeks and have others that are many years old.

    Sounds like you have a bad cell so it fully charges but with a loss of amperage and max voltage.
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