okay first off. i bought this gun used from my friend. it came with the hyperframe from centerflag. i researched this frame and the problems it has had. my problem is the same as many of the hyperframe users. the on/off is not working completely because of the reduced power of a part in the frame. one suggestion was to get a longer on/off assembly pin and the reason for that pretty much confused me. but i know it said that if i installed a non-electric trigger it would work. except i have the different on/off assembly that came with the hyperframe because the hyperframe wouldnt work with the regular on/off assembly. now the person who posted this said that there are centerflag technitions at almost every big game and that they would replace any part that was damaged because of one of their products. i visited the centerflag site only to fund out that they have removed all contact information from their webpage.

thanks very helpful centerflag ppl.

basicaly i was just wondering if i would be better off (money wise) if i should seek out the longer pin(the bolt and sear arnt damaged) or if i should buy the replacment triggerframe, on/off assembly, and new saer.(i dont have the other half of the sear due to hyperframe)

all suggestions and/or criticisms would be appreciated as i am an AGD moron