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Thread: 12v rev x-board

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    12v rev x-board

    I doubted that it would change much,but i got one, and it seems now that the new rev spins [I]every{/I] shot. It seems to feed faster, by surprise. I thought it was another BE trick, but hey i think it actually works.

    Does anyone else have an x-board and can you confirm this?

    Maybe im just seeing (or hearing) things.
    i have both.

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    maybe its the fresh batteries in the new rev.....

    it doesn't spin faster, just doesn't pause before it feeds.

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    Consider it confirmed!!! My X-board beats the stuffing out of my old board!!!!
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    My teammate has one in his, and I have one ordered for mine. He can set his Emag at 15bps and it will keep up no problem. I can easily out shoot my old hopper at 12bps.
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    Isn't the X-board a new part from BE that makes their Revys function like the old pre-BE revys used to?

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