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Thread: E-mag Chopping Crazy

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    E-mag Chopping Crazy

    Well here is a strange turn of events, earlier today my E-mag turned into a paint blender. This is the weirdest thing I have experienced, since I have never chopped a ball since I got the plastic nubbins for my barrel. Everyone at the field said that my good luck streak with my (E)mag had ended and the dreaded paintball chopping curse had befallen me. I then noticed something, my hopper was not agitating. After a little pushing, prodding, and a little process of elimination, I discovered that the servo on my revvy had given out and was not moving, despite passing the diagnostics on my Turbo Rev, a couple of times. Luckily, I had a spare servo from an older hopper that I had canibalized, just in case.

    It just goes to show that the gun is only as good as all the supporting parts. And the naysayers, well, lets say my orange paint definitely clashes with their camouflage anyday.

    "The BEAST"
    "No-Rise" E-mag
    Level 10 Bolt
    AGD Flatline 91cu in/4500psi
    Black HALO B

    "Red Heatseeker"
    Red to Clear Fade Freak Factory Impulse
    68/4500psi Max-Flo
    Red HALO B

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    good story

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    SHeewww, always makes me nervous to open these threads.


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    JEEZ MAN givin tom a heartattack there!!! haha! Glad to hear you got it figured out!!

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