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Thread: About to buy need ur comments

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    About to buy need ur comments

    ok this is what im thinking about getting well it is what i will unless u guys help me out and tell me if anything is bad an this diagram..........will this be good what can be better?

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    Looks good to me.. except I don't like the remote unless I'm playing Rec ball in the woods. I also go with Macro line for ease of disconnection and it doesn't scratch your marker. (All of this is personal preference) Other than that an all around good setup. I don't personally know much about the ACI bulldog system. (Flatline works like a dream) Good luck with it.

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    First off cool pic.

    The coiled remote has a tendancy to twist when you pressurize it, but I still like those. SS lines look nice on the marker and if you set them up the right way they don't scratch anything. That is what my setup will kind of look like when it is done. I might go for a DYE or Intelli grip but I don't know which one yet.
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