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Thread: Stock trigger safety, how do I get that thing out?!

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    Stock trigger safety, how do I get that thing out?!

    Hey, well I just bought a dye double trigger frame from Tunaman (GREAT trader). So now I'm in the process of putting it together, and now I've ran into the problem of transfering the old stock safety and putting it in the dye. Only problem is I don't know how! So does anyone know from experience any tips or tricks to getting this thing out and into the dye frame? Do you just punch it out with a hammer? Just wanted to know before I go hammering away at my new perdy frame. Thanks guys
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    Rase 4pod pack
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    Threre is a little allen screw, after you take the frame off. Unscrew that, then thers a spring, and a little ball. DONT LOSE THESE PARTS. After you have them out the safety will come out pretty easy. Then get your DYE frame, and put the safety in the way you got it out. Then you put the ball then the spring in the little hole. You will have to tap the dye frame for the screw, or you can strech the spring out to make it touch the body rail.

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    I already tapped the hole for you. You will need an .050 allen wrench to get the old safety screw out. Let me know if you need help.
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    Thanks guys, I figured it out. I already took out the allen screw and the spring but forgot about that tiny ball. It's all set up, and DAMN it is sweet! Thanks again to Tunaman for hooking me up with the trigger and frame!

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