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Thread: **** Superbolts are Being RECALLED****

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    **** Superbolts are Being RECALLED****

    Superbolt Owners,

    All Superbolts are being recalled IMMEDIATELY!! Do NOT continue to use the bolt in any way and remove it from your marker NOW! Ship it with your name address and phone number and the place you purchased the bolt, clearly printed on a separate piece of paper inside the box.

    Airgun Designs will at it's discretion either replace the defective part on your bolt or give you a refund. Please allow up to four weeks for a resolution.

    Continuing to use the product can lead to a dangerous failure and cause serious injury or death.

    Mail the bolts to:

    Airgun Designs
    804 Seton Ct.
    Wheeling, IL 60090

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    COuld you post what the major problem is?? I've heard there snapping and being flung out the barrel. Is that it??

    Just wondering. Mine will be on its way.
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    well..looks like im not going to get s super bolt.
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    Man im dissapointed with that post...what exactly is wrong with them?

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    There were some threads earlier that said bolts were being shot out into the barrols...... ohh Happy New Years!!!! 12:01!!!! insomnia here i come
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