Ok, guys. I never thought I would have this much problems but I am out of ideas. Earlier this week I posted a thread with this same title because my E-mag turned into a blender, my hopper servo had given out. Now, I am completely confused because my E-mag is chopping every single game, virtually blending every single shot.

Here is my set-up, converted E-mag from a RT Pro, warpfeed left body. Fresh batteries in the warpfeed and the hopper. I am using a freak barrel system, breach size .693, properly matched to the severe cyclone paint that I was using. I am using the plastic nubbins on the barrel. I am using the long nose stainless steel bolt. The ROF for the E-mag is set to max, 16bps.

Weather conditions were sunny, though cold, high for the day was in the mid 50's, when I left the field it was 44 degrees.

Observations, I notice that the paint stack at the breach, the next paintball was sticking almost halfway into the breach. In certain games, I noticed as my ROF increased so did the chopping, but in others virtually every shot was chopping, to the point that the paint was oozing out every porting hole in the barrel and the breach. The chopping is occuring in the breach area, of this I am almost certain, I just out of ideas how to make it stop.

I am sure that the weather has a factor in this, as paint was really getting brittle, but I am wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent this from happening again.