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Thread: new type of gun, or old type???

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    new type of gun, or old type???

    Is there any type of marker that instead of

    1) pull trigger
    2) something happens inside gun
    3) ball is shot

    that the order changes and instead of controlling when the insides start working you decide when the ball starts working

    for example

    1) pull trigger
    2) ball is dropped dow neck
    3) lands on tip of microswitch (or something)
    4) causing the gun to fire

    Prolly no reason for that, but I'd like something like that... anyone know how you could rig a normal marker up like that, or is there some old type of marker i dont know of that is like that?

    thanks a bunch,
    Help me!

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    kinda sounds alot like the cops on an angel ir 3. kinda you kno? you pull the triger, and the ball wont fire till it hits that little sesor, unless it is already on it

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    What he is saying tho is that the trigger is pulled, then I m assuming something would happen like a trap door feed neck open up, drop a ball, ball lands on microswitch, then gun fires.

    For one, the microswitch copuld not be the type of microswitch like that on electro triggers. Although the switch is light the ball cannot put enough prussure over hte surface of the switch. Since balls mosttime boble down feed necks they do not land in the breech with much force at all. SO the switch would have to be some sort of tuned IR detector.

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    oh, i whole heartedly agree, i knew what he was saying, you could prolly do some programming and creat an angel to do that, i mean, hey, after it hits the cops have it fire, and wire up a trapped door

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    and regulating the balls to feed one at a time would be needlessly complex when you could just go out and get a normal marker.

    What am i saying!! i love cool stuff like that. I guess you could use something like the ir sensor on a revvy.

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    sure woulndt chop but wen the gun fired wouldnt the bolt the go over the mircro switch and cause it to fire again

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    thats a damn good idea. No choping. It would be slow if you didnt do it right.
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    you could get around the bolt part by using two would go on the back area of the bolt. the back switch would have to be off in order for the gun to fire..

    i dont have photoshop so i cant draw a pic

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    yo i really have no idea but isn't that like how the ICE Epic works? like i know it has the trap door thang

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