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Thread: To Tom's Lawyers

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    To Tom's Lawyers

    Well, from a friend of mine who works at AGD, he told me that Tom's lawyers had kind of overblown what I said about my superbolt injury. Aparently they thought someone had gotten an arm blown off. Maybe I did make my injury sound a little more severe than it was, but I didnt lie about it. I got a bruise about the size of a dime and a small scratch that has already healed. There is only a small red trace of a scrape now and the bruise is gone. The only thing I have to remind me of the injury is a small cramp in my shoulder. I hope this clears something up and if you are one of Tom's lawyers, lighten up on him a little...


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    Thread is being closed. See "I'm sorry" post in main forum to see that in fact no one was injured by our products.


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