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Thread: Army's Las Vegas Pan Am post

  1. Army's Las Vegas Pan Am post

    Army just posted a nice little bit in our forum about the Las Vegas Pan Am tourney. He may have posted it here somewhere too, but I thought I'd give the link just in case.
    Nice Pics!

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    Yes he did. Thanks for the additional pictures.

    (edited to add some links)

    Army's Post here on AO -


    Good one from Miscue -

    ( to love that SEARCH feature. )

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    Theres a search feature?

    AGD, where we are so good we can do it with only ONE tube!

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    Originally posted by cphilip
    Theres a search feature?
    Yeah but shhh don't tell anyone or there would never be any new posts...


    /me wonders if we can get a sarcasm tag on the list of smilies...

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    Thanks thecompany. You guys have a tourney forum, so, since I had some tourney pics, I figured you wouldn't mind something about Pan Am.

    Besides, we appreciated your write up about your tour of AGD! Dave

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