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Thread: Do paintball stores trade?

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    halo13 Guest

    Arrow Do paintball stores trade?

    ok, I posted this question at pbnation and pbreview, and i just wanted to get more input. I have a very custom cocker, and i was wondering if i could bring it to a paintball store, and trade it in for a new or used E-mag. This cocker is brand new, and has never been shot. I put it together myself as a little project. So here are the questions:

    1. Will the paintball stores trade with me
    2. Is it a fair trade
    3. What stores by me will trade? (i live in River Forest, IL)

    Here is what is in my cocker:

    A black Spanky Cobra body, with a Black ASA, and front block, and a chrome back block.

    Chrome Palmer micro reg
    Chrome KAPP clippard ram
    Chrome ANS 3-way
    Chrome MacDev Gladiator reg
    12in Dye Boomstick
    Black KAPP ball detents
    Chrome (angel threaded) vert feed
    Chrome WGP hinge trigger
    Black CP flame drop
    Black CP on/off adaptor
    Black KAPP twister cocking rod
    Black KAPP f/x beaver tail
    Shocktech Superfly bolt
    KAPP hammer
    KAPP Valve
    Nelson spring kit
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    Some of them will, and some of them wont. Your best bet is to find a store that doesnt like mags but has an emag in stock, and he will probably trade to get rid of the emag.
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    halo13 Guest
    Hey, I know that AGD is close to where i live. Do you AGD people know of stores that will trade? Do you know of any stores at all? The one i go to is R&S paintball, but thats in Kenosha, and thats more than 100 miles away. Can anybody refer me to a paintball store that is in, or arround the chicago land area that would trade?
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    Where is River Forest? I live in Lincolnshire, close to Lakeforest, Riverwoods, Bannockburn, etc.

    Play at CC, CPX, or Blitz?

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    halo13 Guest
    River Forest is somewhere between 20-30 min from the heart of chicago. Its in the suburbs, by Oak Park. Anyway. I spend most of my time at Challenge Park, and Fox. I have not made it out to Country club yet.
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    halo13 Guest
    where is Blitz, is that in Wisconson? R&S paintball is in Wisconson also, and i don't like driving an hour and a half.

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    Blitz is in Gurnee, and it's not worth making a trip to if your far away. Are you west or south of Chicago?

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    halo13 Guest
    ok, about 10 miles, (from the center of chicago) west of chicago

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    I am about an hour north of Chicago, never been able to check out CPX.

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    halo13 Guest
    CXP is nice, it has indoor plumbing! Anyway, do you know of any stores arround us that would trade?

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    Hmmmm, to be honest, you may have better luck selling the Autococker and buying a used Emag off of PBCity or Nation. Good luck

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