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why over engineer things?

I was just thinking of a solution to what appeared to be issues at hand,

1) fear of noid leaking.... I have no idea if it does or not, but I'm sure there must be some advantage to having the full size noids and/or the ability to use noids you might already have in your possession from other guns.

2) Ability to use other frames such as inteli frame etc and then in turn allows for the use of more common rams that are already easily modded for that frame and others....

3) Could also possibly hold the lpr?? Or make it easy to put the LPR sticking out the front under the barrel like a lot of other p-mags do, then u could route the hose to the noid easily right there.

But I agree I am going to do this mod exactly like how it was already done (gonna have to use an 05 ego frame though), I just need a firm answer on what ram to use. But I thought I would share my idea with others as I like to dream and know the users on the board are great at making some killer mags and might like the idea. Also would remind me of an invert mini.