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this seems to be the place to ask, so...
i wish to make the happiness that is the egomag, but, i have my eyes on a certain frame. do any of you know or think that the E-Tek STARS frame will be a good choice? it states that it is compatible with all ego versions, so the re-drilling of the attachment holes should be the only thing to do, right? also, it dosent look to have anything pneumatic going on, is it fully electronic?? and it seems i am going to be needing a new noid, which are the best choices and WTB??
any answer would be nice, thank you.
You have to get away from the part in which your worried about the Etek frame working on an Ego.

The Ego frame doesnt work on a Mag period. So what guys have done is modified it to work.
Ive seen Ego, E1/E2, Ion, and other frames used for this conversion. Anything is possible.

Your not going to be using the solenoid from the Ego as it is, so as long as you can get access to a few tools and take some time to read the guides outlines on the AO,... you should be all set to use your Etek frame.

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