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    Yet another EgoMag

    Update as of 6/12/07 This thing is done!! Need to do some testing with a valve but it jams without one! Will get that done soon. Video in a few days I hope.

    I bit the bullet and finished up the major part of the job today. After working all night I decided to go ahead and do some work on her. I still need to set the mpa-3 in with set screws and get my noid and LPR but that is all little stuff. As you can see from the pics I butchered it with the dremel on the inside and accidentally nicked the outside which should sand down ok. I did it most of the way with a drill bit, but then decided my bur bit would be better The red just doesn't go with the green so was planning on re-anoing the thing anyway. As you may see from the pics, I did things a bit different.

    Instead of drilling through the frame like most have, I decided to mill (if you can call it that ) out the inside front so I could put a screw in to hold the body on. The Ego frame already had a slot in the back for the shortened valve screw which is what really gave me the idea.

    I then drilled and tapped (not centered but what do you expect, Iíve been up 36 hours ) the rail for screws to hold the frame on. I think this gives it a cleaner look and there are no screws poking your hand. Though the holes are not perfectly inline, I think the final product came out ok. I have another rail that I will prob tap and make em centred. Morale of the story, dont work when your dead tired lol.

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